More on Hockey Episode 03

February 19, 2018

Nick gives an update of the scoring leaders, standings, then takes a look ath the hockey that was played over the weekend, gives a quick overview of the USA vs OAR game. Then, does an awful impression of Norm MacDonald. After much preparation, he blows through all of his notes in less than 30 minutes.


Grumpkins & Snarks Season 7 Episode 4 Making Westeros Great Again

February 18, 2018

Let us go back to a time filled with broken hearts and broken dreams.  November 2016.  We Discuss Season 7 episode 4, air social grievances, and per usual sing a song.  Spoilers as Usual


Shows From A Hat goes DEEP SOUTHern…..

February 17, 2018

Shows From A Hat is back talking our weekly show, Monster Bash 5 from Blue Ridge GA only found on This week we dive into many strange details such as

-Legit Blind Refs, sanctioned as blind by the state of GA

-Not so scary scaffold matches

-Why Tamiflu can be harmful for your 4 year old


-The South Eastern version of IB Green and why he rules

-Redneck Incredible Hulk's



Come on back next week as we talk Freelance Wrestling vs. CZW Part II!


Hooligans of Hops: 2018 Beer World Cup Bracket A & B

February 9, 2018

Without further anticipation, the Hooligans' very first Beer World Cup has arrived and is underway! Two brackets of beers have taken the pitch. Witness a major upset, and a major stand off between countries that could possibly go into extra time! This one does not disappoint and gets very interesting very quick...HOH style! Beers tried:


Bracket A:

Japan: Real Ginger Brew (Hitachino Nest)


Belgium: Golden Ale (Duvel) 


Bracket B:

Canada: Rigor Mortis Abt (Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!)


USA: Two Hearted Ale (Bell’s Brewing)


Shows From A Hat talks….mostly Bull Pain and Jason Kelce

February 9, 2018

2/3 of the folks here are diehard Eagles fans, so not making the title of this episode Jason Kelce related would be a disservice. Even if we only chat about it for 15 minutes.



-Indie guys dying in the ring (not in a Misawa way, like a Hy-Zaya way)


-Greatness of Bull Pain


-People on this show who shop at Spencers Gifts




-The amount of Juggalo's in Indiana


-the early days of Colt Cabana


Be back next week for a LOSER EATS DOG FOOD MATCH  from Deep South Championship Wrestling


More on Hockey Episode 02

February 5, 2018

I really apologize for the quality of this episode, folks. I have a disclaimer as to what happened during the recording. I start off with an Uber Eats faux pas, talk about the Russian Olympic team's logo and the rest of the Olympic players that stick out, Jaromir Jagr status, James Neal in Vegas, Brad Marchand and fighting, All Star Weekend, and Aito Iguchi.


More on Hockey Episode 01

February 5, 2018

Le Premier!!!


If Shows From A Hat didn’t just have sex, it’s about to.

February 2, 2018

Items discussed on the show today:


-All In The Family theme song

-Plans to burn Boston to the ground if cheating occurs at Superbowl

-Post Production Commentary

-The greatness of Mike Law


-Darius Carter evolution from EGW resident, to Tier 1 Heavyweight champ

-Mild talk of NXT Philly

-The 4 way and the announcer

-Selecting which Deathmatch Show to watch.


So check out next week as we do SPRING HEAT from March 2001 courtesy of IWA:MS with CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs Eddy Guerrero


Shows From A Hat chats with Dan Champion & his straw hat

January 26, 2018

So I'm not gonna lie, it even became a running joke during the show, but I was going to name this show something along the lines of "Shootin' with Dan Champion..." or something to that extent. But I found the picture of him in the straw hat and I had to use that for the photo and that for the title.


Today everyone, we have Dan Champion on, a great dude who is a massive Springsteen fan, a Skyper in his PS4, tremendous wrestler & extremely outspoken. This episode sprawled into multiple word association games and reminiscing about older times. Like for example how he called Matt Turner old, about how Night Prowler was the smelliest wrestler he ever worked with, and Johnny Glitters poor english. Sandwiched between this we have a Lucha Libre show! With many wacky matches like Invisible Weapons matches, Street Fights in the Street, bowtie stealing, along with much more. We will be back next week talking Tier1 Wrestling, but until than ENJOY! 


Hooligans of Hops: #2 of 2018

January 19, 2018

The 2nd episode of 2018 comes out swinging! Beers are tried while they talk about the situation with InBev and the “Dilly, Dilly” quote, bitch about shitty music and the kids today. Manayunk Brewing also has a chance to redeem themselves after their last major failure. Do they pass the test? Check in and find out what these beers have to offer!  Side note: We do mention a joke about kids under age drinking. We here do not condone that, we just think it was funny to do when we were kids. Don’t do anything we would do. Don’t eat Tide Pods either.


Beers tried:


  1. Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout (Stoudts Brewing)
  2. Micro Manager IPA (Free Will Brewing)
  3. Fire, Flood, & Plague Porter (Brouwerij De Molen)
  4. Flandiddly Sour Red Ale (Mayanunk Brewing)