Hooligans Of Hops: An Ode to Massachusetts

June 8, 2018

The Hooligans try some beers from the Bay State! Harpoon and Bad Martha Brewing are featured, as Rick talks about Supernova Ska Fest, his experience at 1781 Brewing. They also reminisce about ther underage drinking days and other chaos you'd be surprised if they didn't mention. ALSO HOH EXCLUSIVE OUT STATE FIRST TIME EVER BEER SAMPLING! Check it!


Limey Vice (Harpoon Brewing)

Wiggle Wit (Bad Martha Brewing)

Camp Wannamango ( Harpoon Brewing)

Wicked Coffee Porter (Bad Martha Brewing...unreleased, limited supply!!)


More on Hockey Ep 05

May 28, 2018

Nick mourns over his team being eliminated by the rival, Washington Capitals. He then talks about the Conference finals, makes a prediction for the finals, then apologizes for the Pittsburgh Penguins fanbase. He then goes on to talk about Phil Kessel trade talk


Hooligans Of Hops: 2nd May Show

May 26, 2018

After Kev's internet being down, the Hooligans are ready for May's 2nd installment. They talk about some upcoming and past events, Kev goes off about something as usual, and Rick talks about his experience visiting some pubs in England. Oh yeah and there's beer they try:


Old Timer (Wadworth)

Jah Mon (Rivertowne Brewing)

Pink Pepper IPA (Almond 22)

Forehand Smash (Oliver Brewing Company)


Shows From a Hat: Crotch & Nelson

May 25, 2018

Good morning everyone. Coming to you from beautiful sunny (it’s actually sunny today) Virginia Beach, it’s Shows From a Hat.


This was actually recorded last week and was PUT UP LAST WEEK. But with the prep for packing and everything that goes into vacationing (including working as much as humanly possible), I did not get a chance to write this intro. So without further ado, OLDE WRESTLING


Brad dive into what was a very easy to watch, fun show which included, Moonshiners, Pro-Prohibitionists, live music performances, newsies and the Great Robert Evans, who was a star on this show.


We also have a lot of General nerd talk in the first 20 minutes or so, including a rant on the spoiler free community, boyhood crushes, and Brad’s thoughts on Deadpool 2. Thanks for waiting, we will be back next week!



May 18, 2018

We are back everyone from having a week of with some NEWS


Podcasts Of Pennsylvania now is not only on iTunes, Podcastaddict etc, but it is now on Tunein Radio and Google Play. So for anyone that uses those application to stream their podcasts, look em up and you can find us there!


Anyhow we move on to the bread and butter of the show, END OF DAYS by C4 out of Ottawa Canada. A great show that brought up multiple topics such as


-When do you in your career begin to market your own moves?


-Father "Dynamite" Derek

-A Canadian hero, Twiggy

-Is Space Monkey, your particular brand of Ice Cream

-The all might awesome of Tabernak De Team.


All this plus next week we talk Olde Wrestling (UNLESS BRAD WATCHES COBRA KAI). Have a good friday everyone. Take Care. 


Hooligans Of Hops: 1st May Show

May 10, 2018

The Hooligans are back at it as they put their foot down on some loose rules of the show, rant about a few things, shoot the shit, try some brews, and come across a hidden gem that very well may have WON their Beer World Cup if it was entered!?!


Check it out and drink on!


Beers Tried this show:


Summer Love (Victory Brewery)

Six Fingers Sam Saison Ale (Two Rivers Brewing)

3 Citrus Peel Out (Southern Tier Brewing Company)

Malka Keha Dry Stout (Malka Brewery)


GSW Civil War- An Audio Documentary (Presented by Shows From A Hat)

May 4, 2018

I feel it would be unfair if I were to simply call this your regular podcast episode. This week on SFAH we talk the 1 year anniversary of the most ambitious undertaking I know I have overseen in my years in Indy Wrestling. This week Brad and I talk with one of our best friend, Grand Slam Wrestling owner Johnny Toxic. We go back and talk about the lead up, the creation and the delivery of our show Civil War. 

I should let everyone know, we pull back the curtain on lots of our inner workings here and unless you are familiar with what we do, this show may not be for you. But the story of how this all went together really truly is fascinating and is worth the listen.

And of course, we make sure we start out the show, giving you all what you have been wanting, a GSW update on what has been going on, why has there been a hiatus and what cause all this to happen. We like you to stick around and listen to the whole thing, but in case you just wanna hear about what has been going on, we address it first and foremost. Enjoy the episode. Brad & I will be back next week!


Shows From a Hat Returns to Freelance

April 30, 2018

Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Brad and I have returned to our regularly scheduled format and we are back talking Freelance Wrestling from....last month.


I do apologize getting this in so late. This show was actually recorded the day before their show on Saturday during the large Powerbomb.tv marathon and we covered (what was at that point) the most recent Freelance Show. There has of course been a new once since. So sorry for any kind of mix up. It still has all the great storylines in it and wrestlers like Darin Corbin, Suge D,  Isayis Valasquez, Arik Cannon, Gregory Iron and so many more. Please check this show out it really is a fun one.

Now we have an announcement. Next week *or later this week cause we get back to our regularly scheduled recording time as well* we are having on our friend, owner of Grand Slam Wrestling, Johnny Toxic to talk to us about WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON with GSW. Where it has been, where it will be going. and WHY. We get to that though on FRIDAY! Till than enjoy the week!


Hooligans Of Hops: Back to Basics

April 19, 2018

In this episode, the Hooligans get "back to basics" so to speak with their rating system and drunken rants.  They try an array of beers, including one with Holy water?!?! This is fucked. Plus heartfelt conversation about Rocky 4, Predator, and much, much more. Good luck.


Beers Tried:


Brewhouse Rarities Edition: Mimosa Beer (Flying Dog Brewing)

Undead: Party Crasher American IPA (Clown Shoes Brewing)

Shipwright IPA (Czigmeister Brewing)

Drago Russian Imperial Stout (Wild Onion Brewery)


Shows From A Hat Roundtable-Wrestlemania Weekend

April 16, 2018

Now that the WM hangover is done; we here from Shows From a Hat give you the second promised roundtable. We do some comparisons again with our star ratings next to the Wrestling Observers star ratings. Brad defends the very polarizing choice of tagging with Nicholas. Debating which match was Match Of The Weekend and we all pick someone to go in the HOF who isn't in there yet. Thanks for checking this out and we will be back later this week reviewing Freelance Wrestling!