HOH: After Thanksgiving Special

December 6, 2017

HOH: Ep. 2  After Thanksgiving Special


After the holiday, the Hooligans do a special "meals of the day themed" beer tasting for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Kev's dog makes herself known in the background. Beers drank this episode.


Maple Mistress (Saucony Creek)

Peanut Butter Crunch Porter  (Mayanunk Brewing)

Porter Squad Porter (Slumbrew)

Anni Ale 13irteen (Short's Brewing)




Hooligans Of Hops: Episode 1

November 21, 2017

Kev and Rick kick off their  veryfirst episode and get their bearings as they move around to variety of beers. Kev's dog also makes a brief appearance with some other beer talk in between. This show they try:


Anthrax War Dance Pale Al (Butternuts Brewing)

Landlord English Pale Ale (Timothy Taylor Brewery) 

Berry Monks (Weyerbacher) 

Festbier (Victory)


Grumpkins and Snarks Season 3 Episode 9 Why do the Starks Fall

September 19, 2017

Neither of us can stop saying Cuck, its super satisfying to say. Just under an hour discussion of the red wedding. All of the Tears. 


SFAH talk WrestleRock 86 with Blue & Gold!

September 1, 2017

I am about to go to the hospital to have our second child, I need to put this up. Season Finale y'all. See you in a while!


Edit- Ok my wife and I are set in our room. Now I can dive deep into this. This is infact out Season Finale. We attempted to do Wrestlewar 92 a few times this week and obviously we couldn't get it done. So please enjoy this as myself, Matt, Turner and Header look at this stacked 14 match card! Take care everyone. We will talk to you all very soon!


The Trainwreck: Enter The Cable Guy

August 19, 2017

The duo are a little laid back and on skype with another episode. They review the newest Danzig and latest 88 Fingers Louie album. The conversation quickly turns to food because they're slobs. They get real in depth about the Terminator movie plots with some other movie and music related things thrown in. Mikey reviews the Nintendo Switch and the usual banter you'd expect, until the cable guy shows up at Mikey's house.


Shows From a Hat go OFF THE RAILS AT THE END

August 15, 2017

We recorded this with no intention of what the final 10 minutes would be about. We had fun and talked


-Matt going to see Rancid

-Music Videos

-Tommy Dreamer Promo's

-Dean Malenko vs. Eddy Guererro 1 from Hostile City Showdown.

-Current Summerslam Talk


There was only 1 match on this episode of HardcoreTV so we figured no big deal. We cue our guests next week Matt Turner & Andy Header and rather than give them NXT to review like we had done once before, we chose a different date.


We chose AWA Wrestlerock 86

4 hours

3 cage matches

1 Misawa vs. BUCK ZUMHOFE match.


OMG what have we done.


Shows From a Hat with Pat McDermott talking his weight loss and JUST JOE

August 15, 2017

This is a fair warning, this show we discuss are joined by Pat McDermott and we talk his battles with weight and how he was able to lose over 100 lbs+ by doing DDP Yoga and changing his diet. This is pretty heavy handed in the beginning of the show and goes for a bit, so a timestamp for it is 50:11 is when you can fast forward to us talking the 2000 Edition of Smackdown where we talk about JUST JOE, and.......domestic violence? Thats right everyone, lets go back to a simpiler time when HHH and Stephanie McMahon just couldn't get along and Hunter got very angry and began smashing things.


Yeah this is a heavy episode. But also




-The Right To Censor

And so much more! Enjoy!


Shows From A Hat & National Geographic

August 9, 2017

RAW #8 from 1993 today. Items we discussed


-The scariest man at the Lehigh Valley Mall

-Rick Martel as the Old Spice Man

-Reptillians (spelling?)


-Matt reviews products that give you diarrhea.


Next week we talk Smackdown 54!



Grumkins & Snarks The Hedge Knight and Assortments of Conversation that all relates back to Westeros.

August 8, 2017

This is an older episode that has been awaiting editing, It will make you question what podcast you are listening to as we basically just recorded a conversation.  We talk the election and communism subversion tactics and manipulating endless audible trials, the death of our grandparents. We talk about the Truest Knight ever, Dunk the Lunk. The usual singing you have all come to know and love is also featured.  All of the Spoilers, We discuss the ending of Season 6 of Game of Thrones as well. Hot Button Issues , gripes with safe spaces and the like and additional Socal Greivances and prove that differing opinions can be discussed civilly.  ASMR bane of existance.  We also discuss Witcher and the GOT telltale game.


War Chub

August 2, 2017

***Warning: In a part of this episode, Mikey and Kev lightly touch on a specific political group. These are solely the opinions of the Trainwreck Podcast, that may or may not necessarily reflect the opinions of others or the other participants of The Podcasts Of Pennsylvania site. Not looking to start arguments with anyone,or going out of our way, just simply speaking our minds. Take it or leave it, our opinions are our opinions at the end of the day. Complaints on our views? Well, get in line with everybody else" ***

"War Chub"

Technology is the damndest thing! Recorded in the form of Skype, Mikey and Kev do the podcast from separate locations for the first time in show history. They chat about predatory birds, and the dangers of Bears on meth. They lightly touch on a political group, and the effects of pain meds. Kev rants about his "personal trainer sales pitch" experience he had, while Mikey talks about his review and "special hard on" for war movies, and some other random fun sh*t in between.