Shows From A Hat vs The Invisible Man

March 16, 2018

Welcome everyone to another episodes of Shows From a Hat. Today we dive into Blind Pig Wrestling. A show that one could call quite the discussion. Most notably for one match that we all had a little to talk about. But there were (as always) multiple talkin points on this show. Let's get to a few of them.



-The Sugar On Pasta Challenge

-Weird Al

-How we are currently living in the future

-EPWE Memories


-A Mutual Jonathan Gresham/Teddy Hart Love Fest

-David John, Referee extrordinare.

-Scariest People Alive


We are back next week talking BATTLEWAR 24 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada where I am sure we will discuss the grossness of Buxx Belmar and how awesome TDT is. See ya next week!!


Shows From A Hat is Free To Wear Sunscreen

March 9, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet class of 2018
Wear Sunscreen.
If I could offer you only one tip for the future,
Sunscreen would be it.
The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists.

Ever psychoanalyze a friend? We did today. As we try to make it through the emptyness that was 4 Front Wrestling. We read some lyrics to this Baz Luhrmann hit of 1999 and realize what it is really telling us about our friend Brad.



-Looking back nostalgically at the ROH Message boards circa 2006


-Sleepwalking Doug Williams


-The Incompleteness of 4FW


-Why do all Muslim wrestlers use the Cobra Clutch


-Comcast, and why they suck, and loose power lines on the street.


Next week we will be back with BLIND PIG. Only found on Powerbomb.TV


HOH: Beer World Cup Bracket C & D

March 3, 2018

Brackets C&D are just cited in this episode! Who will be advancing and who is going home and our beer World Cup?


Mexico versus France


Germany versus England


It’s another barnburner as to hooligans remain international in their beer tastes, and even introduce a find a little jingle that was written for them. Check it out! 


Shows From A Hat buys a dead body, so we can rename a town and attract new tourism.

March 2, 2018

Hello again everyone and thank you for listening to Shows From A Hat, here on the Podcasts Of Pennsylvania Network. Today we are here to discuss a legendary show, maybe for all the wrong reasons than we thought. Here’s some of the topics we discussed today.


-Warped Tour coming to an end.


-Mike Quackenbush’s viral dive 


-The lore of how Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania got its name


-Brick Bronski’s hand written Wikipedia page




-More of the worst announcers we’ve ever heard. 


-How big of a band was Bush in its heyday.


We will be back next week with us going International with 4 Front Wrestling, only on



More on Hockey Episode 04

March 1, 2018

Nick gives a shout out to his buddy, Mike, who's having his first kid. Then goes through the trades that occured before the deadline. We take a look at the standings, the injuries, and how all of that factors into the favorites in the playoffs.


Shows From A Hat: Do The Zandig

February 24, 2018

Shows From A Hat is back talking our weekly show, Freelance Wrestling vs. CZW II from Chicago IL only found on This week we dive into many strange details such as:


-If changes to make baseball faster will be good??




-When you do a Dance Routine, go 100% on it.


-Deep analyzation of the character of D.J Hyde


-Brad's future Ex Wife Maria Manic


-When injuries get very real and this is the gofundme talked about for Isaias Velazquez to help him get back on his feet. 



Next week we talk THE BEST OF 3 SERIES with Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth from The Flagstaff in Jim Thorpe PA


More on Hockey Episode 03

February 19, 2018

Nick gives an update of the scoring leaders, standings, then takes a look ath the hockey that was played over the weekend, gives a quick overview of the USA vs OAR game. Then, does an awful impression of Norm MacDonald. After much preparation, he blows through all of his notes in less than 30 minutes.


Grumpkins & Snarks Season 7 Episode 4 Making Westeros Great Again

February 18, 2018

Let us go back to a time filled with broken hearts and broken dreams.  November 2016.  We Discuss Season 7 episode 4, air social grievances, and per usual sing a song.  Spoilers as Usual


Shows From A Hat goes DEEP SOUTHern…..

February 17, 2018

Shows From A Hat is back talking our weekly show, Monster Bash 5 from Blue Ridge GA only found on This week we dive into many strange details such as

-Legit Blind Refs, sanctioned as blind by the state of GA

-Not so scary scaffold matches

-Why Tamiflu can be harmful for your 4 year old


-The South Eastern version of IB Green and why he rules

-Redneck Incredible Hulk's



Come on back next week as we talk Freelance Wrestling vs. CZW Part II!


Hooligans of Hops: 2018 Beer World Cup Bracket A & B

February 9, 2018

Without further anticipation, the Hooligans' very first Beer World Cup has arrived and is underway! Two brackets of beers have taken the pitch. Witness a major upset, and a major stand off between countries that could possibly go into extra time! This one does not disappoint and gets very interesting very quick...HOH style! Beers tried:


Bracket A:

Japan: Real Ginger Brew (Hitachino Nest)


Belgium: Golden Ale (Duvel) 


Bracket B:

Canada: Rigor Mortis Abt (Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!)


USA: Two Hearted Ale (Bell’s Brewing)