Shows From a Hat go OFF THE RAILS AT THE END

August 15, 2017

We recorded this with no intention of what the final 10 minutes would be about. We had fun and talked


-Matt going to see Rancid

-Music Videos

-Tommy Dreamer Promo's

-Dean Malenko vs. Eddy Guererro 1 from Hostile City Showdown.

-Current Summerslam Talk


There was only 1 match on this episode of HardcoreTV so we figured no big deal. We cue our guests next week Matt Turner & Andy Header and rather than give them NXT to review like we had done once before, we chose a different date.


We chose AWA Wrestlerock 86

4 hours

3 cage matches

1 Misawa vs. BUCK ZUMHOFE match.


OMG what have we done.


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