Shows From A Hat covers a lot of ground this week

July 23, 2017

Oh boy, where do we start....


-The Internet Sucks

-Giving up the internet to save humanity

-Living in a world with no casuals.

-Bill Watts looks like Seth McFarlane

-Ted Dibiase Magician

-Music Videos

-The Dirty White Boys

-Jake Roberts and bellbottoms

-Reaaction Videos to "PO-DUNK" By Kid Rock and "Problems" by Unicorns Killed My GF



Squeamish Videos And More

July 16, 2017

Looks like The Trainwreck podcast is at it again. In this episode, Mikey tells us about his ailments, while Kev talks about the time he threw up in the streets of Canada. Talking about movies they've watched, their love for the Predator movies, the new King Kong movie and the upcoming Godzilla flick (SPOILERS AT 22:47). They let loose about the origin of people's nicknames and people's dumb issues over them, food..and FINALLY get the balls to watch that disgusting Unsane skateboard wreck music video. Gross. Listen at your own risk.


Shows From A Hat mostly talk Warped Tour @ 35 years old

July 13, 2017

Topics we discuss:

-Warped Tour

-Great Balls Of Fire

-Gin Blossoms

-Being Sick

-School Boys (the finish, not boys of school)

other assorted. ENJOY!! We are back next week talking Mid-South 1983!


Trainwreck Podcast: Return Of The Return

June 28, 2017

Kev and Mikey are back yet again with another show! The fellas catch up on some current events, talk about the plot of almost every Jean Claude Van Damme movie, the Marvel Universe, the NHL,  and cringe about broken bones while debating on watching a horrendously painful skateboarding video. You'll either love or despise this episode. Most likely both.


So I’ve Been Told Ep. 19 Steve Haramis (TreadWater, Endangered Youth)

June 6, 2017

Here is list of most of the bands mentioned in this episode…





Endangered Youth

Stephen Haramis (piano)

Red Eyes For Blue Skies

Without Question

Marion Crane Murder

Vampires Of Normany

The Where

Condition Oakland

Already Gone

The Dignitaries

Urban Arson

Flip Shit

Something Better Records

Paper Clip Distro

Thom McCarthy

Shot To Pieces

Disproportionate Manslaughter

Astro Philosophy Microstrand_36

Vomitous Society

Chariot Of The Gods

Love Pork


Lyrics To Life


Black Dog Studios


Decimate Damnation

Men Without Eyes

The Bournes

Envious Disguise


California Cousins

1809 Studios





June 6, 2017

In this episode that we recorded in January(?) while we edit our MUCH ANTICIPATED Princess Bride episode.

Here Ang and Syll talk music videos that stuck with us for some reason or another as well as our HIGH SCHOOL JAM.

Links coming soon. I just edited THE CRAP outta this so I want it out there. YOU'RE WELCOME <~syll>



Shows From A Hat talk NXT Takeover after Matt & Chris take a survey.

April 25, 2017

So usually when Mattt and I review a show, its full of a bunch of comedy and and oberservations about the show. We went back and did a rewatch of NXT Takeover Orlando from Wrestlemania weekend, and it actually was much better on the second watch. If you want a legit critique of this show, I would say check us out cause I don't think we've ever been this analytical on any show we have ever watched.

BUT before that, we take a little survey. The Facebook movie survey that was being passed around last week. A nice lengthy conversation about all kinds of movies front and back. A highlight for me! So check this out and we will be back next week!


Show From a Hat adds more content to an already packed Wrestlemania weekend with a podcast with Joey Image talking Summerslam 91.

April 2, 2017

Yup Wrestlemania Sunday. Already burned out from:



WWE Axxes

ROH Supercard Of Honor

Punkrock Pro Wrestling


Evolve 80

Joey Janela's Springbreak

Wrestle Pro



Rev Pro

What Culture Wrestling

Chikara Pro Wrestling



OK Enough with that now. If your not tired after that long weekend, we have a show for you featuring our good friend to the show Joey Image talk his experience going to Summerslam 91 in Madison Square Garden! Check it out, great show and we will be back next week talking NXT Takeover.



Shows From A Hat ft. Andy Header talks In Your House CHRISTMAS AND PIGS

March 26, 2017

Our wonderful friend to the show Andy Header has dropped by to continue our streak of shows that we attended. This one was In Your House from Hershey PA in 1995. We discuss thoroughly on this show.


-Where we rank the promotions we worked for in NEPA


-Golddust homoerotically blackmailing Razor Ramon with his defaulted car loans.


-Nature Boy Buddy Landell


-Dianna Hart Smith looking like a clown


-Xanta Klaus


and so much more! Check it out!