More on Hockey - Quick Playoff Update 4-12-18

April 12, 2018

Sorry I have been away for a bit. Here is a quick one for ya. My daughter stole my thunder on my latest video and there is playoff hockey. FUN FUN FUN!!!!! I love you. Peace


Shows From A Hat Round Table talk the First 3 Months of NJPW

April 7, 2018

Welcome back to Shows From a Hat although this week we bring the NJPW roundtable back with Blue & Gold, Matt Turner and Andy Header. We dive thoroughly into the first 3 months that have been NJPW including our thoughts on what the 5 biggest stories in the company are, the NJ Cup and we also review the two most recent shows in Strong Style Evolved From California and Sakura Genesis from The Sumo Hall in Tokoyo Japan.

We talk at length about these two shows, about how 2018 is honestly picking up right off where 2017 left us. We give our star ratings for each of the matches to see how close we were to the real star ratings. Matt Turner talks at length about his hate/hate relationship with Toru Yano. We talk the hate/hate relationship the fans have with CODY. And the hate/hate relationship Brad has with JR and Josh Barnett. We will be back NEXT week since it is WM weekend and we will do a huge review of the whole weekend and the matches that transpired. Fun show, check us out next week. 


Hooligans Of Hops: 2018 Beer World Cup Final!!

April 7, 2018

 The 2018 Beer World Cup Finals come to close as we receive a special beer challenge, we finish up and decide our very first tournament winner, talk a bit about Wrestlemania, and Rick's connection to Michael Buffer??


Listen to find out what the finale's all about!!


Close Knit Sister SHE DEVIL

April 4, 2018

We discuss a cinematic masterpiece.  Tell some High School and family stories Per the Usual. Spoilers on everything from She Devil- The Force Awakens.  Genovese. 


Shows From A Hat Presents Matt’s Final Show!

March 31, 2018

Description to Matt's Final show will be up right after my trip to Walmart is completed. Till than check this out, Its MATT'S FINAL SHOW! AHHHHHHH!


Binge-Watching The Kids: Episode 2-Our own little Norman

March 29, 2018

Hey everyone, here again for another show. Episode 2. Today Ang and I talk about our stressful week with a Teething child. We try and get through a review of maybe one of the worst children's movies we have EVER seen. We dive into our love of Gordon Ramsay. Talk what our best and worst Christmas gifts we ever got each other were and review episodes 6-9 of The first season of The Sopranos. Seriously this is so good of a rewatch I had forgotten how great it is and holds up. So next week we will be back with more. Hope you enjoy, take care! 


Hooligans of Hops: Beer World Cup Semi-Finals

March 24, 2018

Without further delay, the semi-finals of our Beer World cup has arrived! Random conversation and ranting in between that you've come to enjoy while bringing the tournament's best to the forefront!


Bracket A Finals:


Japan: Hitachino Nest: Ginger Beer


France: Brasserie Bourganel: Biere Aux Marrons


Bracket B finals:

England: Siren Brewing: Hit The Ice


USA: Bell's Porter


4 beers and only two can rise to the top!! Who the hell is it gonna be? hit play and find out!!


Shows From A Hat with a run in from Mike Rotch

March 23, 2018

Hey everybody, thanks for listening to another episode of Shows From A Hat. Doing something a little different today. Joined in the first section of the show with Owner of Interspecies Wrestling, Mr. Mike Rotch. Matt & I reminisce over the early years in the Montreal Indie Wrestling scene. Plus talk the upcoming ISDub show on May 19th in Kahnawake, Quebec at the Knights Of Columbus.  Than after that, its Brad & I talking the Battlewar show from 2015 in Montreal. All those things plus these wonderful topics:


-French children smoking & using English curse words

-Skyade eats ALL OF THE FOOD

-The Quebec NO-DICKS

-Brad has ghosts living in his house

-Very quick thoughts on the Daniel Bryan News

-The mutual admiration society of Speedball Mike Bailey

and a SPECIAL BONUS Mike Rotch story about Ref Sonic and a fight that broke out.


Next week we go back to the heart of 2005 with CZW Point of No Return. Thanks for listening and we will see you next week!


Grumpkins & Snarks Season 7 Episode 5 Part 2 ” A pair of Priviledged Jerks”

March 22, 2018

An Airing of Grievances on Hot Topic Social Issues, Mormon Church Doctrine, and Wolf of Wallstreet. We took Buzzfeed Privilege Percentage Test.  Literally no Game of Thrones content in this half of the episode. Joey continues to be a Hater and Angie always sees everyone's side.


Grumpkins & Snarks Season 7 Episode 5 Part 1 ” I Could Fall in Love”

March 21, 2018

We conveniently split this into 2 episodes! The Airing of Social Grievances is Part 2. These 2 Mooks Discuss Tormonds Love for Brienne, our distaste for CGI, aggressive boners and realize that if we stay on topic an episode is 45 minutes long. Enjoy