War Chub

August 2, 2017

***Warning: In a part of this episode, Mikey and Kev lightly touch on a specific political group. These are solely the opinions of the Trainwreck Podcast, that may or may not necessarily reflect the opinions of others or the other participants of The Podcasts Of Pennsylvania site. Not looking to start arguments with anyone,or going out of our way, just simply speaking our minds. Take it or leave it, our opinions are our opinions at the end of the day. Complaints on our views? Well, get in line with everybody else" ***

"War Chub"

Technology is the damndest thing! Recorded in the form of Skype, Mikey and Kev do the podcast from separate locations for the first time in show history. They chat about predatory birds, and the dangers of Bears on meth. They lightly touch on a political group, and the effects of pain meds. Kev rants about his "personal trainer sales pitch" experience he had, while Mikey talks about his review and "special hard on" for war movies, and some other random fun sh*t in between.


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